Nyiragongo Volcano
A lake of hot lava, there is only a few of them in the world. So if you want an impressive lava lake, you have one good option: Nyiragongo. .....
price for 2 Pax: $650
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Congo River Expedition

Congo River

With a total length of 4700kms, the Congo River is the second largest in Africa after the Nile. With a debit of 50000 cubic meters per second, it is the second largest river in the world after the Amazon. Its source is in Katanga province in the village of Musfi at an elevation of 1435ms, it contours the entire country passing through Kisangani, Mbandaka, Kinshasa and Matadi before reaching the Atlantic Ocean near Banana. Waters from the Congo River collide with the ocean and persist some 45kms out into the Atlantic. The Congo River basin offers a total of 14166kms of navigable water in the interior of DR Congo and is the life line for many peoples living there.

Goma Town Goma Town

Beyond Kisangani, navigability is limited by a series of rapids, home of the world famous Wagenia fisheries, extending over a total length of nearly 100 kilometers. Two sets of rapids make the river impossible to navigate directly from the source to the sea, and the widest section is between the almost lake formation of Malebo Pool and the fall near Kisangani.

Here are different prices:

  • 16 days Congo river Lisala - Kisangani $4946
  • 22 days Congo river Kisangani Mbandaka $7118
  • 19 days Mbandaka pygmy villages and Congo river Mbandaka Lisala $6200
  • 28 days Congo River Mbandaka Kisangani $6900
  • 14 days pygmy trip Mbandaka $4100
  • 10 days pygmy trip Mbandaka $4200
  • 7 days Tiger fishing Mai Ndombe $2500
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