Nyiragongo Volcano
A lake of hot lava, there is only a few of them in the world. So if you want an impressive lava lake, you have one good option: Nyiragongo. .....
price for 2 Pax: $650
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Kinsasha City Tour

Kinsasha capital city of Dr Congo

Kinshasa is the capital city of DRC. Used to be referred to as Kin la Belle, meaning Beautiful Kinshasa. This town was named Leopoldville by Stanley. So many years of turmoil have broken down on this image but slowly and surely, Kinshasa is regaining its splendor. From Kinshasa with your own vehicle, heading south west to Bas Congo to visit Zongo Falls, the caves at Mbanzangungu, Matadi, Boma and Moanda would make a good two weeks trip. While being there you may be attracted to visit so many things such as:

  • The mausoleum and the tomb of the former president Laurent Desire Kabila
  • The statue of Emery Patrice Lumumba
  • Marche des voleurs(art market)
  • The rapids of Kinsuka
  • Chute de Lukaya
  • Symphony des arts(new Congolese art from a high quality)
  • Pool malebo
  • Marche de liberte(one of the biggest markets of Kinshasa)
  • Kinkole(a former fishermen village transformed in a place where the Kinois come to eat their Liboke, a Congolese dish(fish) and drink their beer.
  • Academie des beaux arts for those who like African arts
  • Visit of the fabrication of artwork of Bronze, Woods culpture and handmade Furniture.
  • Lola ya Bonobos sanctuary(this is the best place to see Bonobos in Kinshasa. most of them were rescued from local markets, to be sold from for bush meat, and then raised by dedicated Congolese women. this sanctuary was founded in 1994, but was not formally opened until 2002.