Nyiragongo Volcano
A lake of hot lava, there is only a few of them in the world. So if you want an impressive lava lake, you have one good option: Nyiragongo. .....
price for 2 Pax: $650
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Mbandaka Tour

Mbandaka is the capital of the Equator province, lies on the Equator. Henry Morton Stanley on his his original voyage down the river, stopped here briefly to mark the equator.

The former President Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngwendu WA Zabanga attended school here. It is also one of the main river ports. This is the region of Batwa (Pygmies); we have also IRES (a small village with a garden, park and zoo. This could occupy a small amount of you time, but lake Tumba 100km to the south is a much better option with some guest houses and a basic beach, the wildernesss around the lake is also home to a group of local Bonobos.

While being there one has the opportunity to discover the tropical rainforest and the pygmy culture where visitors are guests in different villages where they can learn more about the traditional customs of the Pygmy and Bantu culture. It has an adventurous character. Also we have botanical gardens, once a very prominent sight and once the best in central Africa

Price for two pax: 2000$ including all flights, all permits, the vehicle JP, different taxes to government people and canoes in different rivers there.
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