Nyiragongo Volcano
A lake of hot lava, there is only a few of them in the world. So if you want an impressive lava lake, you have one good option: Nyiragongo. .....
price for 2 Pax: $650
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Kabgayi church museum

Here in Kabgayi church museum you will see the following

  • Ancient hand tools and weapons (knives, hoes, spears, arrows, etc.
  • Tools and implements connected with the iron industry
  • Musical instruments
  • Methods of transportation used for chiefs, high born women and the sick
  • Clay pots and pipes Basket ornamental for the domestic use
  • The prestigious milk bar and jugs from the palace of the last queen mother in 1962
Price for two pax: 500$ including the vehicle, accommodations and tips. This is for 2days
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