Nyiragongo Volcano
A lake of hot lava, there is only a few of them in the world. So if you want an impressive lava lake, you have one good option: Nyiragongo. .....
price for 2 Pax: $650
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Nyungwe forest national park

Nyungwe forest national park is a spectacular and offers dramatic steeply forested landscape and is incredibly dense with numerous animal trails allowing an access to tourists.

Nyungwe forest National Park

This one is a preserved part of the rain forest which houses 13 species in all, including humankind's closest living relative the chimpanzee, as well as the handsome l'hoest Monkies and hundred strong troops of the delightfully acrobatic Angolan Colobus which may be over 300 individuals. These are the largest troops of these species known in the world. Nyungwe forest counts 25% of the African primates.

Angolan Colobus Monkies

There are l'hoest and blue Monkies present and often observed around Uwinka, requiring less strenuous hiking.

In Nyungwe forest we have:

  • A variety of 13 representing 20% of African primate species
  • 275 species of birds with 24 endemic to the African highlands
  • Over 240 species of trees
  • Over 140 species of orchids
  • Price for two pax: $1040 including the vehicle JP, all permits, accommodations and guiding Three days are sufficient for Nyungwe visit
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